5 Tips for Engaging Storylines

14 Jul 2020

Storylines carry the video. A video without a cohesive storyline will make the audience bored, confused and disconnected. As a brand, you do not want your audience to feel disconnected, you want the opposite. You want your audience to engage with you and the video. To do that, you got to have an engaging storyline. The problem of the most is… how?

Here are five (5) tips to create an engaging storyline.

1. Be Thematic

For your audience to be engaged, you do not want them to be confused with the storyline of the video. In short, be thematic. Create a storyline that goes into one (1) direction. With one direction, you could continuously improve and work with it. Make sure that you create a storyline that is easy to understand yet creative enough to engage your audience. Choose a theme
for the video. Remember to choose a theme that makes sense, and makes the subject of your video pop up. With one theme, your audience will pay attention to the video and will stay focused.

2. Arouse curiosity

Simplicity is good but not at all times. Complex is not too good either. Create a storyline that is between simple and complex. Make a storyline that makes your audience wonder about what comes next. Arouse your audience’s curiosity. Keep it sharp yet engaging. Let your audience ask questions. It is never bad to incorporate an element of mystery to the video. But, do not overdo it or else it will arouse confusion instead of curiosity.

3. Be relevant

Old news is bad news. In creating an engaging storyline, give the audience something that is never before seen yet something that they could relate to. Do not dwell in the past if it is not something remarkable. Give them something that would make them feel nostalgic or in the trend. Make it seem that your brand never goes out of style, and the video is in the current era.
Make it so that your video is relevant to today’s society. Trendy, fun, yet functional. Make a storyline that could show what you want to show, yet make it applicable to the current trends in the market. 

4. Be compelling

Create a storyline that demands attention. Make it interesting, something that your audience feels obligated to give attention to. Demand attention by incorporating details to your storyline. Add element to your storyline that would convince your audience to pay your video some attention. Be bold with your storyline, be confident with it without being arrogant. That is how you will pull your audience to you like a magnet.


5. Be Authentic

Create a storyline for your video like no other. Craft something that is you, something that reflects you as the writer of the storyline. Create a storyline that is never before seen, something they will be curious about. The audience always looks for something new, an output that is not one in a million. Create a video that the audience could call a showstopper.

The five (5) steps stated above are something that you would want to follow, to craft a storyline that could be a masterpiece. Engage your audience like no other, be the new out of the old. Craft it like a master.


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