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5 Tips in Producing a Successful Corporate Video in Dubai

25 Feb 2020

Corporate videos are short but eye-catching videos used as brand marketing strategy. With the right tips and tricks, one could produce a successful, engaging and effective corporate video that will ensure sales for your brand. Some may ask, what is the difference of a corporate video to the traditional video marketing strategies? The answer is the target audience. Corporate videos are usually created for a specific audience rather than the general audience.

Here are five (5) tips as to how you could produce a successful corporate video.

1. Identify objectives

What is your target outcome? One should start creating their corporate video with an outcome in mind. Plan what you want the audience to derived from the corporate video of your brand. You should set up a SMART goal, one that is specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound. With your objectives in mind, you could create a concept aligned with your expected outcomes. Identifying your objectives will not only save you time but will also help you create an effective and successful corporate video.

2. Identify and study the target audience

To whom do you want to sell your products? One should create their corporate video with your target audience in mind. If you identify and study your target market, you will know their preferences and will be able to create a corporate video that suits their taste. Create a video that speaks to them. Create a video that delivers what they want, for them to give you what you want. Investing in this study about your target audience will benefit you, not only for this first corporate video but the following videos as well.

3. Craft your brand message

What is it that you want to deliver to your audience? Your brand message tells so much about your brand. This message would be the one to deliver your sincerity to your customers. Crafting a specific, concise yet recognizable brand message could deliver your point. It should be aligned to your purpose as a brand and the purpose of the corporate video that you are creating. Your brand message would provide you with an opportunity to connect with your target market, and missing it would be a great liability for you and your brand.

4. Put on a great show – a captivating one

Consumers tend to be very visual. Instead of point-blank describing your brand, products, and capabilities; it would do you good to give them a visual experience of your product through your corporate video. With your corporate video, show all your product capabilities, your brand trademarks, and all the nice qualities that you could think off. This would entice your target market to anticipate and buy your product. Keep your audience captivated by showing instead of telling.

5. Promote, promote and PROMOTE!

No matter how captivating and convincing your corporate video is, it should be shown to the world. Spending money in creating the video is not enough, you should promote is as well. Without a wide scope of audience and if is it not well promoted; all past steps would be futile. To gain something from your corporate video, may it be money or sales, you wouldn’t have it without your target market. You must ensure that your corporate video would be able to reach your audience and consumers. That’s the only way to evaluate whether or not it is effective.

Posting videos on social media is your friend, there is no bigger audience that you can access as easy as social media.

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