Film Production company in Dubai

Kalide is a leading Content creation and Film production company based in Dubai creating high end content for our clients. Trusted by clients across the arts, heritage, corporate, medical, education, charity and public we will deliver content that reach your goals. At Kalide, we cater to different types of Social media content, video films, corporate films, animation films and TV commercials to name a few.

About Us

KALIDE is a global Content Creation and Production company, We produce captivating product and brand content, uniquely tailored to each and every project, for brands big & small.


KALIDE Video Production

Why choose us

With highly skilled and experienced project managers and producers we have more years of creating content and producing video shoots than we would like to count. Our experience in the Middle East​ spans 3 decades and we specifically work on targeting customers in the MENA region.

How we work

We take pride in bringing to life what has been carefully crafted in a super official briefing document or on a piece of paper or even a restaurant napkin.

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Let's talk

Want to find out how we can help on your next project or idea? Call us now at +971 (0) 501542374. Or email