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Choosing a Video Shoot Location in Dubai

20 Dec 2021

A great shooting location can make or break a project, so it is important to choose wisely when scouting out where you are looking to film. When looking for the correct video shoot location, there are a few things that you should consider. Take a look below.

What Is Your Video For?

Before looking for a suitable location, think about the purpose of the video you are shooting. What is it for, and what are your end goals for the project?  When working with a video production company, both the company and the client should be on the same page when it comes to the aims of the project. If it is about a client’s business, for example, you may wish the filming location to be in their offices or in a studio highlighting their products. If you are filming a travel video, using locations that show off the area would be best. By knowing the aims of the project, you can filter down the number of locations that you are filming.

What Kind of Lighting Are You Looking For?

Let’s be honest, the best lighting to film in is natural lighting, as no alternatives can effectively replicate it. Therefore, when choosing a location, look at the lighting options that is has. Is the area well lit, or does it have a lot of shadows that could be difficult to work with? If indoors, are there windows that give you good levels of natural light, or is the set too dark?

This will also determine what time of day you should film – in the middle of the day, the light will be brightest as the sun is highest in the sky. This may be too bright, however, depending on the atmosphere that you are looking to create. If you are looking for softer lighting, consider sunrise or sunset, which can produce a beautiful golden glow. It all depends on what you need for your specific project.

If you need to use a location that requires an extra bit of help with the lighting, you can install other lighting to help complement the natural light that is available. Video production companies are experienced and able to identify which type of light is best for your project and facilitate this on the day of the shoot if any lighting needs brought in. They have contacts with lighting companies and can also edit the lighting slightly in post-production.

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What Background Noise Do You Want? (if any)

Many locations that are in public rather than in a filming studio have a lot of background noise, which you will need to take into consideration. Ensure that the area you are planning to film in has little to no background noise to get the best quality shot, or at least work out whether you can effectively minimize this background noise in post-production.

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