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Choosing The Best Camera For A Shoot

17 Feb 2022

If you are in the market for a new camera, choosing from the many models for sale can be overwhelming. There are many different types of cameras on the market, each being used for specific purposes. Cameras do not just come as one item, instead of coming with many different accessories and lenses that can improve how it works, but come at an additional price, so it is important to work these into your costings. When deciding on the correct camera for you, consider these three factors which will help you make your decision:

Choose Based On Style Of Your Video

Different cameras are better for different styles of video that you are intending to shoot. For example, choosing a top of the range 4K camera is great if you are filming a large movie with action scenes or spanning panoramic shots. It is not, however, the best choice if you are looking for close-up shots of all your characters in a smaller drama, as this can highlight the actor’s imperfections that will then require editing post-production. Therefore, think of the type of video you feel most often and choose a camera that best suits your needs.

Additionally, you are want to consider how people will view your final video. You will need a lower resolution camera if you are intending to stream your video online or produce standard DVDs for distribution. A higher resolution will be required for larger screens or higher quality disks such as blue rays. The lowest resolution that you will be able to get away with nowadays is between 720p and 1080p.

Choose Based On Your Budget

It is important to always look at your budget before committing to buying a certain type of camera. Cameras and all the other filming equipment that goes alongside them cost a substantial amount of money, and it is important to add up the extras, taking into consideration the whole price. As well as the initial purchase of the camera, think about your post production costs as these will slowly add up over time. For example, some cameras require expensive editing systems that come with an additional fee, while some can be edited on standard computers. Backing up your work can also be costly, so consider cameras where you can easily do this.

Getting Professional Advice

Videographers and professional photographers are a great source of information when you’re looking to buy a new camera. This is because they use cameras every day of their lives and have probably worked with multiple different types. Therefore, they will have an insight into the pros and cons of each of the cameras they have tried and may be able to give you some suggestions on cameras that suit your needs and have helpful features that you are likely to use.

The best advice is given by experts who are not trying to sell you cameras and are instead independent as you are most likely to get honest reviews from them. If you do not have a professional to turn to, online reviews are also a very helpful way of gaining recommendations.


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