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Corporate Video Production in Dubai: Do you need it?

23 Feb 2020

Corporate Video Production in Dubai: Business owners and entrepreneurs are scattered. One of the best places to start your business or promote it is in Dubai. But despite the great amount of opportunities, there are also lots of competitors in business, no matter what kind, in Dubai. Many of said business competitors are trying different kinds of marketing strategy to ensure sales and customers. 

Different people have different ways of information consumption and absorption, and corporate video production within your marketing mix will surely help you increase your possibilities and opportunities. Using videos can help your brand to widen its range and reach an even wider audience of potential customers, for as long as your videos become a shareable experience in social sites. From a professional ‘SEO’’s perspective, search engines such as Google and Bing like video results, and that can help you with your video marketing objectives. With Dubai’s environmental and economic condition, it is perfect to have your corporate video be produced there. The investment will certainly be worth it.

Dubai does not only have breathtaking sceneries but also have a thriving advertising industry. You may ask, of all places, why Dubai? 

Why do you need to film in Dubai?

Dubai is a promising city to do corporate video production, it is the “can-do” capital of the middle east. Innovation thrives throughout the city. The fast-paced, full of life and captivating landscape has helped thousands of companies’ videos and films to be breathtakingly beautiful. The uniqueness of the man-made heaven is unparalleled. From awe-inspiring mountain ranges, sand dunes that never end, mesmerizing seascapes and urban development with unmatched infrastructure – and the addition of a deep talent pool with specialist production experience. This makes Dubai the paradise of a filmmaker, the ideal production set. 

If the dreamy location as a production set does not explain it to you, there are a lot of other reasons.

The advertising industry in Dubai is thriving. The advertising industry, especially digital media, continues to show signs of growth. It was revealed that the UAE is the top country for advertising as of 2017. Another reason to produce your brand’s corporate video is the information technology. Technology is one of the main concerns for you if you are planning to produce a corporate video. A professional corporate video demands high-quality technology, and Dubai could give that to you. Dubai has set itself the goal of becoming the world’s smartest city by 2021, and the region has become an international magnet for tech-based businesses.

Above all these, the Government of Dubai offers tax breaks, support with permits and local licenses – all through a one-stop-shop portal.

With all the set, technology, and team you could have, what more reasons do you need to produce your brands corporate video in Dubai? The opportunity is laid bare, all you have to do is take a shot at it. It’s an investment that is worth its price. All for the good of your brand. 

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