Corporate Videos: Why Most Don’t Keep Viewers’ Attention

23 Feb 2020

A corporate video is an investment. It is an expensive marketing strategy to invest in. This may be not what company owners or sales directors want to hear, but most of the corporate videos that corporations invested in were not able to do its purpose, due to its inability to keep the viewers’ attention. Videos take time, money and effort to be produced and used for its very purpose of promoting the brand and the products. Yet, when a video was not able to keep the viewers’ attention, it is a great waste of resources and energy. It is indeed a great disappointment for corporations who expects this kind of videos to pull customers and generate money for the company.

But the question is: Why does it fail to keep the viewers’ attention?

Short Attention Span of Viewers

 Today, the average attention span of a human being is shorter than a goldfish. A recent study found out that the average attention span of a human being is eight (8) seconds. In today’s digital world, the audience is constantly exposed to various kinds of media and are bombarded by information. They crave for more and more information, and it could be difficult to pay attention to something that does not catch their entire attention and interest.

Marketing strategist has to make a video with strategies that make most out of the eight-second attention span. This is a challenge for marketers. They have to cut the noise and meaningfully engage their audience or else the investment would not pay off.

Ensuring that you have grabbed the attention of your audience in the first few seconds in necessary. The first 8 seconds of your corporate video is vital, it could make or break your marketing strategy and investment.

Ensure Viewer Retention

 Making sure that the audience paid attention to your corporate video is not the end of it. The next big step, one that is a major priority, is ensuring your viewer’s attention. For your corporate video to work, you must make sure that your video is memorable. Your video must move quickly. Showcase your product in a concise yet sharp way. That way, your audience wouldn’t get bored and will remember it afterward. 

To ensure viewer retention, make sure that your video got a hook. Something unique and out of the normal way of promotion. Yet, while keeping the video’s uniqueness, you must be able to brandish your product’s strengths to be able to sell it.

Keep it quick, short yet smart. That is the way to keep the space in your audience’s mind.

Choose your Target Audience

 It will be really hard to keep the attention of the wrong target market. To keep the attention of your audience, make sure that you are targeting the right market. Questions such as, “does my target customer like this kind of product and marketing?” Marketing revolves around the customer’s preferences and working with that to promote your product. Things such as color scheme, background music and even channels where you release your corporate video matters to your customers. Make sure to make use of their preferences for a sure video retention from your audiences.

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