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Different Types of Videography

29 Dec 2021

The art of making videos and films, editing them, and putting them together is known as videography – whether this be creating documentaries or just filming family vacations. Some amateurs love to create their own films, while professional videographers get paid to film events, occasions, and professional media. Here at Kalide, we specialize in corporate video production in the UAE and understand the different types of videography in Dubai. Let’s take a closer look.

Corporate Videos

Videos formed for corporate events have a company at the heart of their production rather than a complex storyline. Videos for businesses like this tend to include information on the organization and scenes in their building or pictures of their staff members. Generally, videos like this may include short interviews, music with text on the screen, or a voiceover to pass on information and have the company logo evident throughout. This helps create brand recognition and can increase a business’s client base.


The main purpose of an advertisement is to sell a product or service. Video adverts are generally filmed for TV or social media channels and feature shots of the product being used, recommendations from actors or celebrities, or reasons why a member of the public should buy the product or service on offer. The aim of these videos is to increase the customer base and their awareness of the products available. Additionally, they aim to boost profit levels through the persuasion and promotion of their products.

Event Videography

Event videography aims to capture moments from important occasions such as birthdays, weddings, and engagements to ensure that those involved can relive their special moment for years to come. These services can cover a whole event or can be hired for a few hours to capture the highlights.  Often, event videographers can produce a full video and a highlights reel for clients to enjoy.


Documentaries are non-fiction projects that investigate a topic and are produced to educate those who watch it on the subject. Even though this video is based on a particular topic, it will still have a script and require a video production company to produce and edit the content. This type of videography is becoming increasingly popular, with many going viral in recent years.

Travel Videos

Travel videos are often filmed in popular tourist locations by backpackers, travelers, or social media stars to highlight popular spots and beautiful places around the globe. These videos are there to let people see what these locations are like, provide the audience with extra information about each place and encourage them to visit. These are also sometimes filmed by either tourist boards or travel agencies to promote locations and encourage tourists to visit and are effectively an advertisement for the location.

Videography in Dubai

If you are looking for video production services based in Dubai, look no further than Kalide. We work closely with our clients to identify what type of videography they require, understand their goals, and produce high-quality content, and our reviews speak for themselves. Contact us today to start your project.

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