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24 Dec 2021

Over time, technology has developed, meaning that most of us can film content from our phones or through cameras that are at an affordable price point. If you are seriously looking to invest in filming equipment, however, here is what you might need:

The Most Important Filming Equipment: Cameras

The most important piece of filming equipment required for video production is the camera itself, as this is how you will be documenting your project. Cameras are available at a number of price points, from more affordable to extremely expensive, so you will be able to find one that suits your budget. The type of film you are looking to produce will also determine what kind of camera you require. As a starting point, DSLRs will allow you to swap out lenses, depending on what you need to film. Larger cinema cameras, however, are best at recording full projects and have a number of different settings to suit your every need. These cameras are pricey, however, but many video production companies will already have them, so consider using their services instead of purchasing your own.

Camera Lenses

When selecting the correct camera, it is also important to consider the camera lenses. Most video production cameras should have a number of lenses that can be changed according to the shot you are looking to capture. Many lenses are perfect for close-up shots, while wide-angle lenses capture great scenery and environments.

Camera Tripods

Getting into the nitty-gritty of filming equipment, as well as having the right cameras and lenses, it is important to ensure that they are stable and supported during filming. A smooth and clean shot without wobbly camera movement is essential as it conveys professionalism and quality. The best way to secure a camera is by using a tripod that the camera can attach to. Some tripods come with sliders or heads that can move easily to help secure moving shots that run smoothly, without too much camera movement.

Sound Equipment

When filming, it is important that you capture the sound well, as this is an important part of telling the story to an audience. Good sound quality is an important aspect of any high-quality production, so it is vital that you have the correct equipment. While most cameras have built-in sound equipment, it is recommended that you also have microphones that will boost the sound quality.

Filming Equipment to Ensure The Best Lighting

One filming aspect that can make or break a shot is the lighting. While natural light is best to film in, you may also require lighting filming equipment to highlight or brighten up certain shots. One of the best lighting options is an LED panel, however, these can be costly. A most affordable alternative is a basic work lamp, which can be used to create some great lighting for a lower cost.

Choose a Company That Has It All

Many production companies have their own video production equipment, meaning that you do not need to worry about sourcing them yourself. At KALIDE Video Production, based in Dubai, we have access to all the specialized equipment that you may need and can advise on what is best for your production. To find out more, contact us today.


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