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Pre-Production: The Most Crucial Stage in Video Production

12 Nov 2021

There are three basic steps to creating a high-quality video: planning or pre-production, shooting, and post-production / editing. The pre-production step is the most crucial element of this procedure, since it ensures that the whole process proceeds smoothly. This is critical, since one research indicated that when individuals viewed a low-quality video from a company, they were 72 percent more likely to have a bad impression of them. It’s critical to plan ahead of time to ensure that you know what you want to accomplish with the video and how to get there.
The rule of 3/4ths is a prevalent regulation in the video production business. This guideline helps you determine how much time you should spend planning vs recording. For example, if you expect to film for three days, your pre-production period should span nine days. Initial brainstorming, screenplay drafting, camera testing, venue scouting, and rehearsals should all be part of your planning process. Pre-production is the most significant part of video production for the following reasons:

Bringing Your Concept To Life

It is critical to get to know your customers in order to thoroughly comprehend their vision and concept for the project before going ahead in order to make their thoughts into reality. This is an important procedure that should not be hurried. You should completely comprehend why the customer wants video material, what it will be utilised for, and how the success of the project will be judged. Take your time with these first talks since they will inform the choices you make later in the process.

Understanding your customer is critical to the project’s success. This must be done before any other preparation, since your understanding of the client’s objectives will affect every choice you make after that.


Following the conception of a screenplay, the producer’s responsibility is to assist with the project’s scheduling, advising on how the script may be brought to life while remaining within budget. Selecting and recruiting a cast and crew, as well as searching for suitable shooting locations, should be the first steps in pre-production. After everyone is in location, jobs must be allocated in order to get the movie started.

Scheduling is one of the most crucial components of this. To ensure that the shooting process runs as smoothly as possible, it is essential that all cast and crew members be informed of where they must be and when they must be there. Every day, your schedules should indicate when filming will take place and who will be engaged.

Documenting shot lists and completing pre-filming camera tests will also help the crew prepare for shooting, as will enabling each department to get comfortable with the script and their roles. For example, the lighting department should be given time to work on colour palettes, while the sound department should examine the shooting sites and identify any settings where recording good audio may be difficult.

Preventing Production Issues

If you have the option of spending additional time on post-production or pre-production, you should always pay attention to the details before beginning to shoot. Spending extra time in advance of the shoot planning will guarantee that the production goes as smoothly as possible. Consider your manufacturing process to be similar to the construction of a home. You must guarantee that the foundations are firm in order for the remainder of the project to operate smoothly, and pre-production planning accomplishes this. Without a solid foundation, errors will be made throughout construction, causing the process to take longer and cost more in the long run.

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