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Promotional Videos: What’s The Ideal Length?

17 Nov 2021

When creating promotional videos in Dubai, it’s critical to think about the optimal amount of footage that would most successfully captivate your target audience. This is a frequently asked issue for which there is no clear solution. The duration of the video is determined by a variety of factors, including the location of the video and the sort of video you’re making. Let’s have a look at what we’ve got.

Where Will the Video Be Shown?

The duration of the film is determined by where it will be presented – is it for a particular event or will it be shared on a social media platform?

Because the visitors at the event will be there to witness your goods or ideas, a video created for a special promotional event may be as lengthy as you need it to be.

Promotional Videos for Social Media

When it comes to social media, however, there are no two sites that are same. However, the same video may be cut down in duration to fit the needs of the platform to which it is being posted. For example, viewers can easily watch YouTube videos that are roughly 4-5 minutes long, but Instagram users do not want to see material that is this lengthy. Instead, Instagram videos should be roughly 30 parts long to keep the viewer’s interest. To guarantee that the main points are communicated in this 30-second video, try to get them out in the first 15 seconds.

Although Facebook videos may run up to four hours, most users do not watch material for that long because they lack the attention span necessary. For services and goods, a movie of this length is also superfluous. According to research, the ideal duration for Facebook videos is between 24 and 90 seconds. Focus on brief and snappy material that lasts roughly 15 to 20 seconds for Facebook or YouTube videos.

Website Promotional Videos

If you want to make a video for your website’s homepage, you should strive to promote your business, product, or brand to get people’s attention. Treat these films as if they were a TV advertisement, with a duration of 30 to 60 seconds.

Email Marketing Videos

Marketing films sent to prospective customers in emails should be no more than 45 seconds. If you go on much longer, you will lose the audience’s attention. Add the term ‘video’ to the title of the email to guarantee that it is not erased as soon as it is received. Including this line in your email may result in a boost of slightly under 20% in email opening rates.

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The Type Of Video

Aside from wherever you choose to show your promotional videos, the kind of video is also essential since it may influence how engaged viewers are with the material they are viewing.

Length of Explainer Video

Explainer videos are more likely to engage viewers than other sorts since they are more likely to have watched them in order to learn more. They are eager to learn and, as a result, are more likely to watch the video until the finish. As a result, these movies may be longer than other forms of material; the ideal duration is 60 to 90 seconds.

Length of a How-To or Tutorial Video

How-to videos are similar to explainer videos in that they are often seen by people who wish to learn something. However, since how-to films might involve numerous stages and should be clear and simple to comprehend, they can be lengthier than explainer videos. The more you can streamline the process, the more the films will be appreciated by the user. When it comes to duration, instructional videos should be between two and 10 minutes long.

Length of Demo Video

The goal of product demonstration films is to wow viewers, but they should not be unduly complicated. This may be aided by ensuring that the demo videos are between two and five minutes length. If your demonstration video is going to be longer than this, try dividing it up into smaller segments, each focused on a different function.

Length of One-to-One Sales Video

Sales movies created for a specific customer or for cold prospects should be no more than 60 seconds long and should be brief, crisp, and to the point. This should pique the audience’s interest while also leaving them wanting more. This is an excellent strategy to send to contacts that have gone cold in order to rekindle their interest in engaging with your company.

Final Thoughts

It’s crucial to consider your target audience, the goal of your film, and where you’ll be distributing the footage when selecting how lengthy your promotional videos should be. Most videos should be shorter than 2 minutes long as a rule of thumb to hold the viewer’s interest. The shorter it is, the better if you want to post it on social media.

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