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2D & 3D animated videos, Business Explainer Videos, Infographics Videos, and Whiteboard Animation Videos are among Kalide's animation video services in Dubai.


Our animation studio in Dubai specialises in creating distinctive campaigns from idea to execution. We are filmmakers, screenwriters, artists, designers, animators, and photographers who are enthusiastic about their work.

We collaborate with a constantly growing network of specialised creative talent. We’re renowned for our unique character design and animation, and our creative approach is typically stylized and fun, resulting in films that are both emotional and character-driven.

We create high-quality animation films and explainer videos for a variety of sectors, including product and service demonstrations, construction safety precautions, and more. 3D rendering, infographics, motion graphics, character animations, 3D modelling, texturing, and other services are among our offerings.

Bring Your Vision To Life

Using animation, you may take your audience on a journey while also telling a tale. Animating your ideas lets you to connect with your audience on a deeper level, allowing them to understand and relate to what you are saying. Because animation can bring any thought to life – no matter how intricate or hard it is to recreate in real life – the rules of nature can be bent. Techniques such as stop-motion help you let your creativity run wild and express things you wouldn’t be able to in a more traditional way of filming.

Using animation to adapt your ideas is a terrific method to stay current with your target audience. An industry that is continuously upgrading and adapting such as technology or social media may find this particularly valuable. It’s critical to keep your marketing videos current and successful. As opposed to having to reshoot an entire video, adapting animated videos is more simpler because they can be altered. If your message is changing or you’re trying to reach a new audience, this is ideal.

Make Complicated Processes Look Simple

Complicated processes benefit greatly from the use of animated explainer videos. As a result, the most critical information is conveyed while simplifying the rest. For example, if your written processes are several pages long, you risk losing the reader’s interest after just a few pages. In animated videos, the less important elements are skipped or summarised so that the crucial ones can be presented in an understandable visual format.

It’s possible that presenting complex material in video form helps listeners retain it better. Humans can recall up to 95% of a video message, compared to only 10% when reading text alone, according to research.

One of the main advantages of these videos is that you can capture abstract ideas and make them easier to understand by breaking them down graphically using animation. When it comes to explaining complex topics like global logistics or microbes, using animation is far easier and clearer than using a typical video camera. It is also much more economical.

It’s also simpler for the viewer to comprehend what they’re viewing and retain the information you want them to. When it comes to animated videos, the most effective are those that are brief and easy to follow. Because of this, making an animated video forces you to focus on the most important elements of your presentation and be more concise with your content.

Illustrate Data & Statistics

Data and statistics can be a challenge to communicate effectively through video. However, animated data movies are the answer to this problem since they make vast amounts of facts and numbers aesthetically appealing. The storey of the film is dictated by the numbers, analysis, and insights in animated data videos. They have the ability to communicate the important ideas of a business or study to an audience in a straightforward and understandable manner.

An efficient communication tool for numerous learning styles, data videos combine auditory and visual inputs. The use of graphics and audio enhances understanding and concentrates the audience’s attention on the most important aspects. To educate or teach others, complex data can be clearly measured and described to illustrate patterns and trends. Animation experts can help you put data and insights into a moving idea format, which will help your business stand out from the competition.

Animated videos can assist bridge the communication gap between analysts, marketing managers, executives, and stakeholders in company while discussing data, ensuring that everyone is on the same page. It’s easy to learn and put to good use the knowledge that’s conveyed through animated video, which is fascinating, intelligent, and user-friendly.
Animated videos have been found to boost viewer engagement, according to research. This is because data professionals have distilled the information into its most essential components and presented it in an easily comprehensible style. As a result, the audience gains a deeper comprehension of the material and is less likely to get bogged down in the numbers.

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