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KALIDE is a leading TV commercial video company and creative agency with crew and equipment in the heart of the UAE, Dubai.

We don't do ordinary

TV Commercial Video Company: We’ve done everything from large-scale commercials with stunts and hundreds of extras to extremely small-scale productions and everything in between. We don’t do ordinary, and haven’t done so in over a decade. We’re a video production business that partners with the finest production personnel and directors to produce visually stunning and entertaining TV commercials, from casting and location scouting to a complete production service on and off set. The power of TV commercial ads cannot be understated.

TV Advert Production Process

Client Brief

In order to completely grasp the purpose of designing your television ad, we thoroughly examine your marketing communication plan and ask you no fewer than a hundred questions.

Planning & Pre-Production

The ideal pre-production strategy, including screenplay, voice over, camera, location crew resource, etc., is created once our team is confident that the brief is clear and your goals are laid out.

Filming & Full-Scale Production

The best television ad production follows a strict timetable. In order to finish the production on time, the actors and staff members will all be working together well as planned by our team.

Post Production / Editing

Once the content has been filmed, the advertisement is adorned with high-quality visual effects to further enhance the viewer's experience of the product by our talented in-house post production crew.

Television Advertising in Dubai

Knowing the significance of an effective TV commercial production to your marketing communication strategy is something KALIDE has gained through producing television commercials for clients across categories. If you're looking for a leading television commercial video company in Dubai, look no further than us.

Award Winning Commercials

Television Commercial Production may be difficult since they must juggle a plethora of ideas in a short period of time. The significance of each second and each frame cannot be overstated. Setting the tone requires careful attention to the smallest of details. Consequently, our films are unique in their field.

Captivate Your Audience

We're experts in creating stunning visual effects in a short amount of time, like 30 seconds or less. As a result of our in-house TV commercial production and direction expertise, we will craft a captivating work of art that will leave an impression on your target audience.

Take a look at some of our work

As a commercial video company, KALIDE has produced a broad range of advertising campaigns, from low-budget shorts to large-scale initiatives in Dubai. Everything was done in a way that reflected the intended tone, charm, and ambiance of the place in which it was done. When we are involved in the creation of a TV advertisement, we add value to the final result. So we've been able to see all kinds of places, from the depths to the heights, of the seas and sky, respectively.

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