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Based in the heart of UAE, Kalide are a leading supplier of Post Production Services in an ever evolving entertainment industry.

Kalide Post Production Services in Dubai

Kalide has been working in video production for over ten years and is regarded as one of Dubai’s top production companies. The importance of post-production in crafting an excellent film cannot be overstated. We’ve always been on the cutting edge of technology and operational efficiency, and we back it up with the finest creative, technical, and management talent in the industry. You can expect nothing but success from your next video project with KALIDE in Dubai.

What Is Post Production?

The editing of audio and visual materials to make a film is known as postproduction. An editor cuts together footage shot by shot, adds music (original or licenced), and adds other visual and acoustic elements. These elements are intertwined to create a multisensory experience known as a film.

Physical film strips were cut and spliced together during postproduction, which used to be a manual operation. The majority of movies and television shows are now edited using non-linear digital editing methods. In the early 1990s, several software systems gained popularity and changed postproduction by making editing faster and easier.

Depending on the complexity and price of a project, postproduction is a well-organized, collaborative process that can take anywhere from a few months to a year or more. There are numerous procedures involved in post-production, including video editing, sound editing, music / audio, and visual effects.

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Award-winning Production Team

Regardless of the project's genre, our capable and skilled post-production crew collaborates closely from the outset. The team contributes ideas and works together to achieve a common goal. As a consequence, each photo is one-of-a-kind. In fact, we often take customers on a tour of the process.


Our audio professionals have an ear for detail and will guarantee that every piece of your audio is perfectly pitch perfect, from the smallest pin drop to an earth-shattering explosion.

Visual FX

Our passionately creative VFX professionals offer inspiration to every project by working with the most modern and new technologies meant to push the limits of possibility.

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