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Video Marketing in Dubai: Why is it important?

15 Feb 2020

Video Marketing in Dubai: There are a lot of ways of marketing your product or services. Among many video marketing strategies, the video marketing strategy rose to the top. In today’s business industry, video marketing is the ultimate weapon that could be in your arsenal. It is a must in everybody’s marketing mix. The business industry of Dubai is investing in a good video production. Everybody is investing in a good video production. But… Why? Why is video marketing rising to the top? Why does it hold an immense amount of power in the business industry? Why is it important? 

More than eighty-seven percent (87%) of the companies use videos for their campaign and promotions. Video has a powerful effect on consumers as more than seventy-nine percent (79%) of the people stated that a video from a brand helped in convincing them into buying the product. Video is considered not only as the present but the future of marketing as well. The corporations must include video marketing in their marketing mix for long-term sustainability. Here are some reasons as to why video marketing in Dubai is important.

Extended Reach

Videos go viral. It could reach a large amount of audience in a short period. Videos could do the work of your marketing team and multiply that into two (2). Videos are also effective in social media platforms and if not everyone, almost everyone is on social media. You and your brand could utilize the video in social media platforms and use it to extend the reach of your brand, product or services. According to research, forty-eight percent (48%) of people stated that they are very much willing to share the video marketing content that they saw on a social media platform. With a video, it is an instant reach to your current and potential customers.

Attracts Attention

Video content is more likely to capture more attention than pictures and videos. Why? Well, because it moves. In our world where we live a fast-paced life and there are a lot of things that demand attention. You will have a very small time frame to showcase your brand, products, or services. Using a video could utilize that short time well. Video is more eye-catching and interesting than a long article in black and white. Some studies have shown that eighty-eight percent (88%) of the time that a person spent in browsing the internet, was used in watching videos. Consumers spend more time with a website that has an engaging video.

Emotional Connection

Video content is more likely to invoke emotions from the audience than an article.  Studies have shown that more than ninety-four percent (94%) of the audience us more likely to recommend a brand that engages them emotionally. The emotions have a big and positive impact on the return of investments (ROI) of the brand that was able to invoke it properly. With videos, it is not a closed path. Instead, it is an opportunity given to the brand that can offer an emotional connection to the audience.

That is why you need video marketing in your marketing mix. It’s is the ultimate weapon of the marketing team, and you may be able to use it to its full potentials.

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